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Image (in 'Spaniardraptor')

By Stego · 1 comment

Last post: 05 February 2013


View image (#images_580)

By kenneysills · 4 comments

Last post: 26 December 2012


Image (in 'Karl Huber')

By Stego · 1 comment

Last post: 12 November 2012


**The Holsinger Meteorite**

By Stego · 1 comment

Last post: 12 November 2012




Restricting Forum Participa…

By t-bone

Last post: 10 Jul


Enforcing the NO SPAM RULE

By t-bone

Last post: 04 Jun


Webmaster Chaos at Prehisto…

By t-bone

Last post: 23 Apr


You can add the Image of th…

By t-bone

Last post: 26 Feb


Get Your Paleo Artwork disp…

By t-bone

Last post: 31 Jan


Dinosaur to Dinosaur the Ch…

By t-bone

Last post: 06 Dec



By kenneysills

Last post: 29 Sep

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Forum: Dinosaur Chat

Miniature Metal Museum Dino…

By ralphTPC · 0 comments

Last post: 02 April 2014


Favorite Dinosaur and WHY..

By mesozoicrising · 10 comments

Last post: 17 March 2014


Was T-Rex a hunter?

By dinomite · 2 comments

Last post: 11 January 2014


Forum: Dinosaurs in the News

U-Haul Dinosaur Graphic Col…

By MovingDavid · 2 comments

Last post: 21 May 2013


Life Size Dinosaur Made of…

By gregsmithy · 1 comment

Last post: 03 May 2013


Little Dinosaurs on an isla…

By reggie · 6 comments

Last post: 09 September 2012


Forum: Best & Worst of Dinosaur Movies


By DracorexHogwartsia · 4 comments

Last post: 17 July 2013


Creatures in "Man of Steel"

By Stego · 0 comments

Last post: 15 June 2013


10,000 B. C.

By Stego · 2 comments

Last post: 21 April 2013


Have any of you ever watche…

By Chip · 8 comments

Last post: 26 March 2012


Steven Spielberg exploring…

By t-bone · 2 comments

Last post: 26 March 2012


Avatar and the wierd creatu…

By reggie · 2 comments

Last post: 27 February 2012


Forum: Mythical & Ledgendary Creatures

Is Australia a prehistoric…

By Stego · 5 comments

Last post: 27 October 2012


Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp

By DracorexHogwartsia · 4 comments

Last post: 13 September 2012


It's a Bird, It's a Plane or…

By Stego · 0 comments

Last post: 15 April 2012


Where have all the Mokèlé M…

By t-bone · 4 comments

Last post: 22 March 2012


Oldest Human Species Found: May Have Been Cannibal?

Headline Oldest Human Species Found: May Have Been Cannibal?
URL 100526-science-homo-gautengensis-human-species
Description There's a good chance it was a tiny little cannibalistic tree swinger, but the newly identified Homo gautengensis is family, according to a new study.

Thought to have used tools–and possibly fire–the creature is the oldest named species in the human genus, Homo, study author Darren Curnoe says.
Date 26 May 2010, 12:05 AM


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