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Dinosaur to Dinosaur the Ch…

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Artist: Julius Csotonyi


Meet the artist: Julius Csotony picture Meet the Artist : Julius Csotonyi

For most of my life, dinosaurs have been my favorite subject for illustration, a skill I've been perfecting since the age of three,when I rolled out my first masterpiece: a rooster, which of course, current theories place in the lineage of the dinosauria.

Now, at 31, dinosaurs make up a significant proportion of my portfolio, and continue to proliferate in my artwork. What kids don't the 'terrible lizards' fascinate? It's just unfortunate that much of society sees this 'dinosaurophily' as a "phase" to be grown out of as we mature. Dinosaurs are members of a world wholly alien to us, and it is this fascination with the unexplored and unknown that led me to my current career path in science.

Currently (as of July 2005) I'm completing my PhD degree in microbiology at the University of Alberta. While my studies do not encompass dinosaurs per se (I study bacteria from the deep ocean and from salt springs), my biological background (BSc and MSc in ecology)is a useful resource that I draw on when bringing long extinct ecosystems back to life with the brush, pen and pencil.

It is my interest in ecology that motivates me to reach beyond the image of the stupid, plodding beast that poses blankly on the canvas, and imagine dinosaurs as though they were alive today - how would they behave? What kinds of color schemes would they sport? To successfully recreate the prehistoric world, it is important to consider the biological context in which dinosaurs lived.

Just like animals of today, dinosaurs probably wallowed in the dirt after big meals, or threw their heads back in complex, colorful courtship displays, or concealed themselves against the forest with disruptive coloration to evade predation.

It is this dynamic, living quality of dinosaurs that my artwork attempts to capture.

I have recently begun to market my work and intend to continue to pursue paleontological or scientific illustration as a major part of mycareer.

Julius Csotonyi, paleo-artist

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Julius T. Csotonyi at