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Sinclair's Tail Dragging Chubby T. rex

Sinclair's Tail Dragging Chubby T. rex This has to be one of the things in life that will stop you in your tracks! Glancing off to the side of the road you see life size dinosaurs in living color. One of the Wonderful Sinclair Oil Company's Dinoland stars in Glen Rose, Texas.

Meet the 45' T-rex of the 60's. This Tyrannosaurus finally found its way to Glen Rose Texas as part of the 2 life sized dinosaurs penned up behind a very low flimsy wooden rail fence.

Photo Copyright © 2010 David L. Friend
Any reproduction without permission is strictly prohibited.

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I love these types of dinosaurs.  I know they aren't "right" now, but these are the ones I grew up with.  love the pictures!

The Oldies are still the Goodies

I totally understand what you are saying Xenorama. I remember the Dinosaurs as I learned them in the 50's. I find myself still wondering what ever happened to the duckbill dinosaur Trachodon? Some of the iconic images of decades gone by are hard to forget.

Dinosaurs today are smarter, faster, sleeker and look fancier than ever before. Modern dinosaurs are so much more dynamic and active today than ever before, it does make them more interesting and three dimensional. I guess dinosaurs however they are presented are cool.

Old Dinos

"…life sized dinosaurs penned up behind a very low flimsy wooden rail fence"
An example of a fence to keep people out, I believe.
Yes, even Jurassic Park had a better fence :) I guess the moral to this story is that old Dinosaurs are easier to keep in than young ones ;)

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